A Bright Light for Mabouba

She first came to the Africa Mercy in a peach-colored dress, a thin veil waving around her face and flapping against her swollen cheek. Her dress whipped around her frail legs as she climbed the gangway, her ascent slow and labored. That day, no one had any idea what 23-year-old Mabouba had been through for the last six years, nor how close her brush with death was yet to be.

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A Message of Hope

As 2021 draws to a close, we look both behind and ahead with immense gratitude. This year was filled with many unexpected obstacles and difficult decisions. It was a challenging time for many of us around the world — but we faced each of those challenges together. On behalf of all of us here at Mercy Ships — our staff, our volunteers, and our patients — thank you for your support every step of the way.

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Marie Madeleine: most likely to succeed

Marie Madeleine loves school. She believes with a good education, she will be able to accomplish her dreams, and she refuses to let her condition slow her down.

When she was a child, Marie Madeleine developed an abnormally tight muscle contracture in her leg. As she continued to grow, her knee hyperextended backward, leaving her with a severe limp when she walked. Despite this difficulty, Marie Madeleine continued making the short journey to school, where she was determined to learn. 

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GAMAI: Before she was so weak… today she is so active!!

Life Behind Closed Doors

Confort never imagined the morning she put on a pot of boiling water to make some rice for her hungry daughters would be the start of a mother’s nightmare.

One-year-old Gamai, who had just started walking, toddled past the pot knocking it over as she fell. As the piping hot water spilled onto her torso, her piercing screams transcended through the house to her mother’s ears. The world around Confort fell silent as she tried to comfort her child.

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The Global Mercy

World’s largest civilian hospital ship, the Global Mercy®, has arrived at Antwerp

The Global Mercy, the new-built ship of Mercy Ships, completed its journey through the Suez Canal free of charge and has docked in the Port of Antwerp on September 12.

The Global Mercy®, the newest hospital ship of Mercy Ships, arrived in the Port of Antwerp on September 12. The largest private hospital ship in the world left the shipyard in China at the end of July, after successfully carrying out mandatory sea trials. The Global Mercy completed its journey through the Suez Canal and a stopover in … Continue reading