2019-01-01 Thank you!!

Dear collaborator,

On behalf of Mercy Ships we want to say Thank you very much for all your support throughout this year 2018 in bringing hope and health to the nations in which we serve!

Some facts about what has been achieved in Cameroon and Guinea Conakry this year through our ship “Africa Mercy” and the volunteers who collaborate in different areas:

• More than 2,300 surgical procedures have been performed.

• More than 10,000 people have received dental treatment.

• More than 1,300 health care professionals have participated in the various training programs taught by our staff to local … Continue reading

Making Serah whole

My name is Sandrine and I live in Madagascar. My baby daughter Serah was born with a common birth defect know as clubfeet. At the time, I thought she was going to be disabled for life, and face rejection by many who would cross her path. I knew I could never afford to pay for a surgery to fix her legs. I wrapped her legs in a cloth and did not look at them again for 3 days.

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A life saving app

Searching for patients in remote areas of developing nations, thousands of kilometres from where a Mercy Ships docks, has always been a priority, but also a logistical nightmare. So, when it became clear that the government in Cameroon was committed to making it as effective as possible, one of the team members said “we’ve got an app for that”!

For several years, the crew of the Africa Mercy has been working on an app to capture patient data (including photographs) in remote areas of the country that can then be used by surgeons back on the ship, to evaluate which … Continue reading

Alleviating a young mothers suffering

Hello, my name is Mariamou, I am from Cameroon, and I am now 27 years old. When I was 20 my baby died in childbirth, because I had no doctor or midwife to help. After being in labour for several days I was also left incontinent. Three months later my husband also died.

I used to love being around people but then many people were cruel to me and said, “Go away. You smell bad”. I was a social outcast and I thought I would live the rest of my life sad and alone. For seven long years I … Continue reading