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We need all kinds of volunteers, not just those with medical or maritime knowledge.

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Onboard Volunteering

More than 1,200 volunteers from over 60 countries serve with Mercy Ships each year, Our ships are like cities with over 400 crew members at any given time.

There’s a bank, a store, a hair salon, and even a café onboard. We need mechanics, computer specialists, electricians, plumbers, cooks, and all kinds of skilled and unskilled workers, One thing that is required is the ability to speak English This is because our team is made up of crew members from over 60 different nations, so the official language of communication on the ship is English. Maritime regulations stipulate that all our crem members have at least an intermediate level of proficiency in the language.

Remote Volunteering

If you don’t speak English, or simply can’t travel that far, you can also contribute from your own home.

Any entity or institution can collaborate with us, and there are already several that do. From Rotary or Lyons clubs, through professional associations, churches, to schools, high schools, and universities, there are opportunities to raise awareness among their members about the current needs in a sub-Saharan Africa and encourage cooperation to bring health and a future to people with limited or no resources together,

Voluntarios trabajando en computadoras

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As volunteers on hospital ships, we travel to provide free world-class health services and safe surgical care. We are dedicated to strengthening local health systems, making a difference in communities with limited access to health.