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We need all kinds of volunteers, not only with medical or maritime knowledge.

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Volunteering on board

More than 1,200 volunteers from over 60 countries serve with Mercy Ships each year.

Our ships are like miniature cities with over 400 crew at any given time. There is a bank, a shop, a hairdresser and even a cafeteria on board. We need skilled computer mechanics, electricians, plumbers, cooks and all types of professional workers, both skilled and unskilled.

One thing that is required is to be able to speak English. This is because our team is made up of crew members from over 60 different nations, so the official working language on the ship is English. Maritime regulations stipulate that all our crew members have at least an intermediate level of English.

Volunteering from home

If you don’t speak English, or simply don’t want to travel that far, you can also help directly from your own home.

Maybe you can help us by offering your professional skills directly from your own home with things like: accounting, web programming, graphic design, legal advice, video editing and much more…

You can also help raise awareness or find the resources we need to carry out our work.

For more information please contact us.


Vivien's experience on board.



Our cabins are small, but cozy. Most of our crew members share a cabin and bathroom with several cabin mates, with a bunk bed and a small closet. Each stateroom is equipped with WiFi and air conditioning, with wall space for photos of your loved ones.
Couples and families have their own cabins, and single cabins for our maritime officers.

Dining room

Nuestro departamento de Servicios Alimentarios sirve deliciosas y nutritivas comidas tres veces al día en el comedor de a bordo. Hay una tienda e incluso un Starbucks Café a bordo. Cuando le apetezca un plato casero, cocine lo que quiera en la cocina de la tripulación. También se pueden comprar alimentos limitados en los mercados locales.


Cada barco es como una pequeña ciudad e incluye todo lo que pueda necesitar. Hay una lavandería, una peluquería, un banco, una oficina de correos, un gimnasio, un cibercafé/WiFi, una biblioteca con películas y juegos de mesa, una piscina e incluso una clínica para la atención médica y dental de la tripulación.


The unique experience of serving with Mercy Ships includes the adventure of discovering new places. Each country we serve has its own culture and beauty. Our crew is encouraged to interact with the people we have come to serve, and even learn new languages! You can explore local markets, attractions and restaurants, or attend a local church.
We will teach you how to move around safely and also give you the opportunity to spend some time with those in need on the ground.


Naves de Esperanza puede acoger a voluntarios con familia para muchas de nuestras funciones a largo plazo a bordo. Tenemos una escuela acreditada a bordo.


Desde la guardería hasta el bachillerato, los alumnos de la Escuela aprenden todo lo que descubrirían en las escuelas de tierra firme, y más. La Escuela está acreditada internacionalmente y cumple los estándares de calidad educativa. Además, es un lugar donde los niños pueden experimentar los aspectos únicos de la vida a bordo de nuestros barcos con gente de todo el mundo.


We want our volunteers to grow and thrive while serving on board. That’s why we offer continuing education opportunities as a way to invest in the future of our crew members.


The safety of our crew and patients is something we take very seriously. Our team of experienced security officers is committed to keeping everyone safe and secure.


Moving to a ship on a new continent and working in a completely new environment can be very challenging at first. One way we support our crew is through our chaplain program.
Chaplains are available to anyone who wants to talk about their new experiences with a trusted confidant.

Why a boat?

El 50% de la población mundial vive cerca de una costa, nuestros buques hospitales son la mejor manera de llegar y tratar a las personas necesitadas.

Why Africa?

El 93% de la población del África subsahariana no tiene acceso a una cirugía a tiempo, asequible y segura. Muchas personas fallecen cada año por falta de atención médica.

¿Durante cuánto tiempo se puede colaborar?

Desde dos semanas hasta dos años, dependiendo de tu disponibilidad.

Why me?

It takes a wide range of people and skills to run a hospital ship, and our team of volunteers makes it possible. If you want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, including your own, we’d love to hear from you.


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Waiting time

If the position for which you have applied is not immediately available, we will be in communication during the waiting time.

Application Review

The Mercy Ships team will review the application.

Admission letter

Once the position and your availability align, the team will send you your admission letter and information.

Get on board!

This, of course, is the most exciting step in the process.

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More Info

Para más información, puedes ver la página en inglés con todas las diferentes opciones de puestos de voluntariado aquí.

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