Our Mission

Worldwide, 5 billion people do not have access to surgery. Faced with this crisis, we deploy hospital ships with the support of committed people like you.

Transcending borders. Changing lives.

Worldwide, 5 billion people lack access to effective and affordable surgery, leading to a tragic reality where one in eight children dies before the age if 5. In the face of this crisis, we deploy hospital ships with the support of committed individuals like you.

Considering that over half of the population lives near coasts, our ships are a strategic solution to provide advanced medical care to those who need it most.


Mercy Ships follows the model of Jesus from 2,000 years ago, bringing health and hope to the poor and forgotten of the world.


Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to transform lives and serve nations, one by one.


Following the model of Jesus, we seek:

Mercy Ships in Spain

Mercy Ships Spain aims to raise awareness, recruit volunteers, obtain materials and support from companies and businesses, and raise funds to continue this valuable work. Currently, we have a team of volunteer staff, with our national office located in Madrid and a local office in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

global mercy


Mercy Ships Spain is dedicated to raising financial resources for the operation of the ships and projects on land. One of the main ways Marcy Ships reduces its costs is by seeking donations of goods and services from companies, saving the organization thousands of euros annually.


Mercy Ships Spain has among its objectives to raise awareness among the general public, as well as political and social authorities, about the great needs of many people in developing countries and the ways in which we can help.


Mercy Ships welcomes those with the time and dedication to bring hope and healing to the world’s poorest communities. We need volunteers in all areas: medical, maritime, and general. We also assist in the recruitment process for Mercy Ships Global.