Djimby: A Grandmother’s Grace

Djimby may be small, but she is nothing short of powerful. The 6-year-old’s strong will and independence come from her grandmother, Ndeye, whose example has helped instill these values into her granddaughter. But, Djimby’s strong personality can’t hide the painful condition that the young girl has had to endure most of her life.

When Djimby was a toddler, her parents noticed that her legs weren’t straight like those of other children. She had developed a condition called windswept knees, which made standing and walking difficult. One day, while visiting the family, Ndeye noticed a distinct difference between Djimby and her … Continue reading

A Message of Hope

Merry Christmas to the Mercy Ships Community — Near and Far

This Christmas season, we’re taking time to reflect — and to hope. As we gather together in spirit to celebrate Christ’s birth, we’re reminded of exactly why we do this work. Just as the birth of Jesus signaled a new hope and a light in the darkness, so we will continue striving to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Join us for this new year in our mission to impact more lives than ever before. Together, we’ll keep hoping, keep inspiring, keep giving, and keep celebrating. We … Continue reading

Ousseynou and Assane: Double the trouble, twice the joy.

While 5-year-olds Ousseynou and Assane may look alike, it’s obvious to see their different personalities – Ousseynou is outgoing and cheeky, while Assane is quiet and reserved. However, if you were seeing them for the very first time, it would be very difficult to tell the two apart.

They share more than just their good looks … Continue reading

Saliou, An Unshakable Smile

Saliou was too young to realize that he was different. At 2 years old, the little boy had no idea that his cleft lip set him apart from the other children. Blissfully unaware, the condition had no damper on Saliou’s personality, which brought joy to everyone he met.

While some might view Saliou’s condition as a reason to feel shame, especially in West Africa, where the lack of medical access can cause a person to live with the defect for a lifetime, Saliou’s grandmother, Ndiane refused to let his condition hinder her love.

“He’s so handsome,” she said while holding … Continue reading

A New Ship: Announcing the Global Mercy

The Global Mercy changing births after being painted.

The dream was born long ago.

What if we designed a new hospital ship? One that could hold more patients? Support more volunteer crewmembers? Deliver more medical training? What if we build a vessel that could provide even more hope and more healing in Africa?

Responding to an Overwhelming Need

The dream of … Continue reading