Esther’s story

Meet Esther, from Cameroon

Esther was a beautiful, healthy baby, who delighted everyone.

But she was born into poverty. Because of this, she didn’t get enough of the right nutrients during the first 18 months of her life. So, she developed rickets, a vitamin deficiency that caused her legs to soften and bend incorrectly under pressure.

Esther’s mother, Mabel, tried to find a way to fix her vibrant little girl’s twisted leg. She was told that nothing could be done and that it was too late.

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Meet Cecilia, from Cameroon

Cecilia’s legs appeared fine when she was born, but as she grew, one knee twisted inward. This knock-knee made walking difficult and painful. But the pain never brought this sunny little girl down.

“She smiles all of the time,” says her father, Emmanuel, “but she needs help to walk.”

Each year her knee grew worse. Cecilia needed help. So, her family prayed for a way to get her surgery that could straighten her leg.

Then they learned about Mercy Ships.

An answered prayer

Emmanuel brought his little girl to our hospital ship. He hoped that when they returned home, Cecilia’s … Continue reading

Meet Elina, from Madagascar.

Our volunteer nurse, Ria, found Elina, a six-year-old little girl, hidden in between the bushes near our hospital ship and could hardly believe what she was seeing. While she was gently trying to get this little girl to come out, she saw the infected wounds she had and got to know her heartbreaking story.

A long journey to recovery:

For Elina to properly recover, her wounds had to be cleaned and she would need numerous surgeries, including skin grafts, physical therapy and a long rehabilitation. All these factors made it so that her case was something Mercy Ships usually is … Continue reading


Dear Collaborator,

Businesses and Companies decide to cooperate with us when they become acquainted of the work we do from Ships of Hope throughout our hospital ship Africa Mercy. These companies decide to help us broadcasting what we do and contributing with their help and collaboration, that sometimes is translated in goods and services or in an economic way.

This is the case of Global Ports Holding, the greatest cruise port operator of the world, with current presence in the Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific and the Caribbean.

They sponsor sports events as the Mitja Marató in Barcelona, that will take place next … Continue reading

Meet Salamatou and Mariama

There is no question that the views from Mount Manengouba in Cameroon are beautiful. However, for sisters Salamatou and Mariama, those sights were the only ones they had ever seen. Both suffering with crippling deformities, they had never left the village where they were born.

Journey to recovery

Because the girls did not have access to proper nutrition growing up, Salamatou and Mariama developed a condition known as windswept legs. The bones in their legs grew crooked and twisted.

The malformation made it difficult for them to walk, or even attend school.

“I was worried about their future,” recalled Mymoona, … Continue reading