Family love leads to Awa’s new smile

In a rural town in southern Senegal lives 5-year-old Awa, surrounded by her loving family.She has always been close with them – especially with her Uncle Woury. Since the momentAwa was born with a cleft lip, her uncle’s greatest wish was that she would someday findhealing.Woury was there the day Awa was born. Awa’s mother, Rougui, was scared when she sawthe baby, not knowing what the cleft lip would mean for her future. In the weeks followingthe birth, Woury invited them to stay with him so he could support his sister during thisdifficult time.

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Gratitude and Hope

As 2022 comes to an end, we look back and forward with immense gratitude. It was a year where we were able to return to Senegal to fulfill our promise. In addition, for the first time, our hospital ships, the Africa Mercy and the Global Mercy, were serving together … Continue reading

Adama: Free to Explore

In central Senegal, a young woman gave birth to a baby – her firstborn child. It should have been a moment of great celebration. Yet when she looked down at her newborn, Adama, joy was instantly replaced by fear. Adama was born with a cleft lip, and her mother had no idea what this would mean for her future.

Believing she had done something wrong, she decided to leave Adama with grandparents so they could protect the baby.

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Cire: A Life-Changing Birthday Gift


On the morning of his 20 th birthday, Cire celebrated in an unusual way: being wheeled into the sterileoperating room of the Africa Mercy®.

The moment had been years in the making for Cire, who was just 16 when a parotid tumor startedgrowing on the … Continue reading

Amadou: The Patient Ambassador.

Amadou refused to be defined by the tumor that had been growing on his face for more than 15 years. To those in his community, Amadou was a doctor, a leader, and a pillar of hope.

Medicine was a clear path for the 46-year-old, who had been a practicing … Continue reading