Aminata: Freed from Shame

Ousman was excited to receive the call from his sister saying that his niece had finally been born. However, that excitement quickly turned into heartache once he learned that baby Aminata had been born with a cleft lip. When he heard the distress in his sister’s voice, Ousman felt desperate to help both her and her child.

As she grew, young Aminata’s condition began to cause malnutrition, making her body develop very slowly. At eight years old, Aminata’s height and build resembled that of her four-year-old cousins. Because she was ashamed of the way she ate, she refused to eat … Continue reading

A Triumphant Homecoming

Diacko was a handsome baby. In fact, the other villagers would often stop his mother, Youma, while they were out to tell her how good looking her little boy was. Then, when he was about 3 years old, his legs began to bow outwards, and slowly the admiring glances became filled with pity and scorn. Soon, the compliments that Diacko once received turned into repeated pressure to find a doctor to fix her son’s legs.

“We didn’t have money for that,” Youma said. “So, I stayed home, waiting for something to come from God.”

As he grew older, Diacko quit … Continue reading


In order to carry out our work in Africa, we use Four-wheel drive vehicles (all-terrain vehicles). In every nation we evaluate patients. Our medical teams, all volunteers, examine patients day and night to see if treatment is possible on the ship and are scheduled for an operation. Our next destination, Senegal, is a large country. The distances are great and some patients simply can’t reach the ship to be examined and assessed.

Sometimes patients don’t have enough money for transport, or they’re afraid to appear in public due to the severity of their condition.

Thanks to our all-terrain vehicles, we … Continue reading

Djimby: A Grandmother’s Grace

Djimby may be small, but she is nothing short of powerful. The 6-year-old’s strong will and independence come from her grandmother, Ndeye, whose example has helped instill these values into her granddaughter. But, Djimby’s strong personality can’t hide the painful condition that the young girl has had to endure most of her life.

When Djimby was a toddler, her parents noticed that her legs weren’t straight like those of other children. She had developed a condition called windswept knees, which made standing and walking difficult. One day, while visiting the family, Ndeye noticed a distinct difference between Djimby and her … Continue reading

A Message of Hope

Merry Christmas to the Mercy Ships Community — Near and Far

This Christmas season, we’re taking time to reflect — and to hope. As we gather together in spirit to celebrate Christ’s birth, we’re reminded of exactly why we do this work. Just as the birth of Jesus signaled a new hope and a light in the darkness, so we will continue striving to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Join us for this new year in our mission to impact more lives than ever before. Together, we’ll keep hoping, keep inspiring, keep giving, and keep celebrating. We … Continue reading