Local Health Training

Mercy Ships performs free surgeries and provides training to healthcare professionals (surgeons, nurses, etc.), strengthening healthcare systems in developing countries, collaborating with local and international partners.

Health System Development

Often, the quality of medical care in developing countries suffers due to a lack of training and inadequate facilities to provide quality medical care. We work with national health services and other entities to identify needs and develop programs that improve these areas.

Education and Training

Mercy Ships offers programs, both aboard our hospital ships and at medical centers, tailored to the needs and available equipment in each country we serve. Surgeons, nurses, anesthetists, dentists, ophthalmologists, midwives, health educators, and other medical staff receive practical training that allows them to assimilate knowledge, skills, and behaviors to adopt in different situations. Material from the WHO on the management of infectious diseases is also taught.

CapacitaciĆ³n para cuidados paliativos
Voluntarios capacitandose sobre medicina dental

Health Education

Lack of knowledge about basic healthcare leads to tens of thousands of deaths every day in the developing world. Mercy Ships is committed to breaking the cycle of disease through prevention and knowledge. Community health education teams train students in basic health and hygiene, first aid, and HIV/AIDS prevention. These students then go on to teach others in their own communities.

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As volunteers on hospital ships, we travel to provide free world-class health services and safe surgical care. We are dedicated to strengthening local health systems, making a difference in communities with limited access to health.