Other Ways to Collaborate


Our goal is to be the face of love in action, bringing health and a future to these people in need. This vision requires sacrifice on the part of volunteers and collaborators. In light of the world’s desperate need, could we aspire to less? Could you be a part of meeting the urgent needs of our world?


The life of a healthy person without a disability is difficult in a developing country. For someone with an illness or disability it is impossible, and often the help they need is not available. And even when help is available it often costs far more than they can afford. We need your help to tell others about the great need and show them how together we can do something to make a difference in a world full of need!

Schools, Clubs, Churches

Any entity can collaborate with us and there are a few that already do. From Rotary or Lyons clubs, to churches, to schools and colleges, there is an opportunity to sensitize their members to the need in Africa and to work together to bring health and a future to the people most in need.


They are people who help us spread the word. They dedicate a few hours of their time to raise awareness, both of the need and of the ways in which individuals, businesses and other entities can work together to make a difference.


In order to reach our goals we need the support of other entities, including foundations with compatible purposes, that can provide us with the resources, both financially and with volunteers, to help more people.


Dejar un legado es un acto honorable que, sin perjudicar la familia y los seres queridos, puede contribuir a un futuro mejor para gente necesitada. Se trata de una cantidad determinada de dinero, o un porcentaje del valor total del patrimonio.

¿Cómo puedo dejar un legado?
1. Reflect and inform yourself

First of all, it is important to reflect and inform yourself in order to make a decision taking into account your personal situation. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us.

2. Appointment with a Notary

If you decide to contribute a legacy to Mercy Ships, make an appointment at a notary’s office to create a will according to your decision within the margin allowed by law, which may cost about 50 .

3. Submit Information

To include Mercy Ships in your will, you will need:

Legal Information: Registered in the Ministry of Justice, under number 158SND

4. Let us know

Once you have completed all the procedures, we recommend that you let us know. We value your decision, so we guarantee total privacy, since the will is personal and private.

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