About Us

As volunteers on hospital ships, we travel to provide free world-class health services and safe surgical care. We are dedicated to strengthening local healthcare systems in devoloping countries through the provision of top-notch medical care and advanced training, making a difference in communities with limited access to health.

About Us

In 1978, the former cruise ship Victoria, departing from Venice, embarked on a new journey of transformation. Don and Deyon Stephens, along with friends in Switzerland, dreamed of converting it from a luxury cruise ship into a hospital ship, bringing hope to those in need-a challenge that many considered impossible. With the purchase finalized in October 1978, primarily financed by a loan from a Swiss bank, a four-year effort began to turn it into a floating hospital. In 1982, it set sail as ‘Anastasis’ the first Mercy Ship.

Today, the fleet has visited more than 56 developing countries, impacting over 2.8 million people. Over 1,200 volunteers from over 60 nations unite in this mission, working tirelessly on the front lines and in logistical support. Mercy Ships is a story of faith, challenges, and achievements. Born from the commitment of individuals inspired by love and compassion, it continues to sail the seas to bring health and hope to those in greatest need.

Personas sonriendo desde el buque de Mercy Ships

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As volunteers, we provide free health services and strengthen local health systems in developing countries, addressing the needs of 5 billion people. Your contribution is essential in this mission of global change.