We need all kinds of volunteers not just with medical or maritime skills! Our ships are like small towns with more than 400 crew at any one time. There’s a bank, a shop, a hairdresser and even a coffee shop on board. We need computer experts mechanics, electrician, plumbers, chefs and all kinds of professional, skilled and unskilled workers.

One thing that IS required is to be able to speak English. That’s because our crew come from over 40 different nations and so the official working language on the ship is English. Maritime regulations require that ALL our crew have at least an intermediate level of English.

If you don’t speak English, or you just don’t want to travel so far, then you can also help in one of our offices, or even right from your own home. You can help raise awareness or you can look for the resources we need to do what we do.

Or perhaps you’d just like to help us by offering your professional skills right from your own home or office with things like; accountancy, web programming, graphic design, legal advice, video editing and many, many more…