The Volunteers

Many nations, one mission

One of the enriching points of Mercy Ships is the diversity of people who have collaborated as volunteers over the years. More than 1,200 volunteers from over 60 countries serve with Mercy Ships each year. From surgeons and medical personnel to the captain, cooks, technicians, teachers and others, our crew constitutes a wide range of skills and specialties needed to make a difference in the countries we serve.


If you have been a member of the crew or staff of Mercy Ships and would like to stay in touch with us or find out more about the Mercy Ships Spain alumni program, please contact us.

– Gerardo Vangioni, Alumni Coordinator

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Support a Volunteer

Volunteer crew members have to raise their own funds to pay for their trips and stays on the ship. By supporting a volunteer, you help bring even more hope and healing to those in need.
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