Support from World Leaders

Our mission is not one we can accomplish alone, and the ongoing support from many of the world’s leaders is key to bringing hope and healing to even more people. Thank you!

There is no way to express our gratitude. Not only have you cared for my people, but you have taught them valuable lessons, the most important being love, respect and care for one another regardless of race or religion. We, the citizens of The Gambia, are very grateful to you.

AJ Yahya Jammeh
President of Gambia

It gives me great pleasure to express my support for this visionary organization of hospital ships that bring hope and healing to some of the neediest people in the world.

Jimmy Carter
Former President of the U.S.A.

Mercy Ships is an example to me of compassion for those in need. I am personally proud that in a world in which selfishness and greed are usually presented as the main motivations, Mercy Ships stands as an antidote to self-centeredness.

John Major
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

His work goes beyond healing and comforting the sick. They bring a sense of hope that is much needed in the places where they work. It is a pleasure to be able to support Mercy Ships.

Tony Blair
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

On behalf of the Honduran people, we would like to thank the staff and volunteers of Mercy Ships for the many special moments of caring for our country. The mission of Mercy Ships has been for us an example of hope, love and commitment. We have witnessed compassion in its purest form, surrender without the slightest expectation of reward.

Mary Flake de Flores
Former First Lady of Honduras
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