What others say about Mercy Ships…

jammeh“We cannot thank you enough. Not only have you treated my people and taken care of them, but you have also taught them valuable lessons, the most important being love and respect and caring for each other irrespective of race and religion… We Gambians are very grateful to you.”
AJ Yahya Jammeh – President, Gambia
tonyblairTheir work goes beyond healing and comforting the sick… it provides a sense of hope that is badly needed in the places they work. I am delighted to give my support to Mercy Ships.”
Tony Blair – Former Prime Minister, UK
deflores“On behalf of the Honduran people, we would like to thank the staff and volunteers of Mercy Ships for the many touching moments of bringing care to our developing nation. The missions of Mercy Ships have been an example of hope, love and commitment. We have witnessed the purest form of compassion, giving without the slightest thought of compensation.”
Mary Flake de Flores – First Lady, Honduras
johnmajor-small“Mercy Ships exemplifies for me a spirit of compassion for those in need. I personally am proud that in a world in which selfishness and greed are so often presented as prime motivators, Mercy Ships stands as a living antidote to self-interest.”
John Major – Former Prime Minister, UK