Train the Trainer

“Doctors and nurses in Benin know a lot of the most complex concepts, but it is some of the very latest simple techniques, that they are not being taught. These simple things that can actually determine whether someone lives or dies,” says volunteer neonatal nurse, Lindsay McCurley. Mercy Ships is working to change this in Benin! Collaborating with the AAGBI (Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Mercy Ships own Medical Capacity Building (MCB) team are conducting … Continue reading

Nurse Cristina – changing the world

Christina Van Der Zande from Holland knows first hand how difficult it is for African women to live without access to proper healthcare.

“Women living with health conditions like fistulas are usually totally alone, incontinent, smelling really bad all the time, not being allowed to be part of their community, and kicked out of home by their husbands. Having children is given such a priority that if a man cannot get a family from one woman, he will just find another. The women may think they’re alone and live a life of complete misery”, she explains.

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