The art of restoring health

“After surgery, I want to be able to make an entire dress.” Valerie explains with confidence. The teenager has spent the last two years as a seamstress apprentice, with many of her weekday hours devoted to the craft. She knows ever trick of the trade, but her legs, bowed into a wide arc, slow her down, preventing her from accomplishing her goals. Valarie in rehab after getting her casts off.Continue reading

Paulinah – No little monster, just a little miracle

The surgeon that operated on Paulinah says: “I was surprised that she had even been born! That the mother had not died giving birth! I said to myself, “I cannot explain it”. And yet, here was this beautiful, healthy, chubby baby with a terrible growth on her back…”

Kabir – The blind, lame, orphan

As a young boy in Benin, West Africa Kabir had learned to survive. When Polio struck at a young age, he lost the use of his legs. However Kabir was no quitter, and even though he had to crawl around on his hands and knees, through the dirt and over rough terrain, he could still manage a smile and a laugh. Kabir before surgeryKabir before surgeryContinue reading

Learning from the locals in Benin

The season they call “Harmattan”, can produce flight delays, dry skin, and dust storms. Strong winds pick up dust in Africa’s dry interior and blow down into northern parts of Benin. Strangely, the dust in the atmosphere blocks out some of the sunlight and brings slightly cooler temperatures but believe me that dust gets into everything!

At the same time as spring starts to bloom in the northern hemisphere, Harmattan will end leaving clear blue skies that allow the burning African sun to reign down once again. This different season is just one of the many natural and cultural ‘firsts’ … Continue reading

Brave women provoking change

When we think of a child being born we usually think of joy and celebration, but for many women in developing nations it is the beginning of terrible suffering. Pain, loss of a child, rejection, and homelessness are just some of the ways women suffer with obstetric fistulas suffer. International Women's dayInternational Women's dayContinue reading