Knowledge is Power

Marie always wanted to study, but life caught up with her and before she knew it she was married and pregnant. After loosing her first child shortly after it was born, due to lack of medical aid, her husband and her agreed that she should peruse higher education. That is when she decided health care was what she wanted to pursue, and she began studying to be a nurse.

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The google eyed girl

What defines you? We all have characteristics that join together to make us the unique person we are. What are you known for? Your long hair? Your big smile that brightens other people’s day? Your friendliness or fun loving attitude? Sometimes there are characteristics we would rather not be known for. Mary after surgeryMary after surgeryContinue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

Many of our patients stay at our HOPE Center (low dependency accommodation) to recover from surgery. There volunteer dietitians instruct the local chefs on how to prepare healthy nutritious meals, an important factor for a speedy recovery from surgery, and for teaching locals how to avoid many diseases by eating healthily. Picking cabbage for the AFM crewPicking cabbage for the AFM crewContinue reading