An amazing year

An amazing yearAn amazing year1) Our Volunteer crew donated blood

During the 10 month in Madagascar crew donated 171 units of blood to patients! These units of blood were processed in our on-board laboratory before being taken to the operating theatre, where they were given to patients who needed them … Continue reading

LuWanna loves community living

Not long after hearing a complete stranger talk about Mercy Ships on a flight in 2012, LuWanna Airheart went to volunteer herself for a short time on the Africa Mercy in Guinea in 2012, and the Republic of Congo in 2013. After that she realized the ship had touched a special place in her heart. LuWanna Airheart (USA)LuWanna Airheart (USA)Continue reading

A baby named Gift

What’s the furthest you’ve ever gone to get something you needed? Often we take for granted the ability to leave our home and easily access public transportation or drive to where we need to go. For many in the developing world, accessing places like a medical clinic can mean a journey over several days.

After a difficult birth due to a massive tumour called a teratoma, which develops from left over stem cells, baby Paulinah’s skilful midwife proclaimed that she was a miracle and she was even given a Malagasy last name which means gift from God!

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Little Fifalina

Fifalina is a beautiful young girl that loves to run and play, but it wasn’t always that way…

A perfect Christmas gift for Gladys

When speaking with Gladys’s mother it is clear that her smiling daughter means everything to her. When the little social butterfly was born with a clubfoot, her mother did anything she could to try and get it fixed, but the local hospital told her there was no hope. “I felt like I was the only one fighting for my child,” recalls her mother, Jacqueline.

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