Double your money!

Donating to Mercy Ships is normally a financially sound investment in transforming lives for several reasons:

1) firstly thanks to the volunteer crew the costs of operating the worlds’ largest civilian hospital ship are cut in half, 2) secondly we put a lot of effort into our corporate partnerships which means that for every euro donated by people like you, we receive two euros’ worth of donated products and services from our sponsors. That means that every euro you give works like it was 3€.

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Simple medicines save lives

Often in Europe or other developed nations we take the use of antibiotics for granted and sometimes even misuse them, while many people in developing nations are suffering needlessly, because they have no access to the right antibiotics to treat their medical conditions. Without the right antibiotics children like seven-year-old Aissa have little chance against diseases like Noma.

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They come from afar

Mercy Ships works hard to provide access to essential surgeries for people no matter where they live in a developing nation and conducts patient screenings in some of each nation’s most remote locations. Nate, from the U.S. city of Chicago, has been working for some time with the screening team, and after gaining experience as a team member, he has now taken on the role of Screening Team Coordinator in Benin. Nate taking patients historyContinue reading