Giggling her way through Rehab

For many, Physical Therapy is an essential part of the healing process after Surgery. When we first met Elina she was a sweet little girl, who had been tragically burned, but kept her sweet smiling face both before and after Mercy Ships provided her with a free surgery. It was clear that post surgery, she would need to spend time rehabilitating. Elina physical therapyElina physical therapyContinue reading

Helping West Africa Smile

Because access to dental care is scarce in Africa, many have never even seen a dentist and live with conditions that are painful and sometimes life threatening. With a dental team of over 20 qualified health care professionals, Mercy Ships partners with local health departments to set up an off-site location near the ship. There, patients can come daily to receive free dental care and treatment throughout the 10-month long campaign. Dental ClinicContinue reading

Ronaldo is all smiles

When the pain from serious decay in and around Ronaldo’s two front teeth became too much to bare, he became worried that he may lose his teeth forever. Luckily Ronaldo followed his sister’s example and visited the Mercy Ships dental clinic. His sister said, ‘Go there if you want to fix your teeth.’ So I came to see what they can do. I thought my front teeth would fall out because I don’t have money to spend at a dentist.”

17-year-old Ronaldo is a student, but at school he was not taught dental hygiene. For this reason, when his teeth … Continue reading

Mental Health day

At 21, when Minette came to the Africa Mercy, it was clear to see the 4.3kg Neurofibroma (a type of tumour) cascading from her neck to her waist. What was not completely apparent was how the growth created not only a heavy physical burden, but also weighed her down emotionally because of the shame a rejection she felt from others every day. Minette before surgeryMinette before surgeryContinue reading

A Poet shows beauty inside and out

During the Africa Mercy’s stay in Madagascar the Mercy Ship team performed 724 Maxillofacial surgeries. Vololonirina was one of the patients that received a free surgery for the tumor that was growing in the left side of her face. The first time the Mercy Ship team met Vololonirina she was wrapped in a gorgeous scarf and giggled every time they complimented it. Not long after that meeting, Vololonirina had maxillofacial surgery to remove the tumor.

Vololonirina - MadagascarContinue reading