A volunteer with Maritime Muscles

A floating hospital ship like the Africa Mercy requires a boat-load of highly skilled professionals to operate smoothly. In addition to around 150 medical volunteers, the ship’s crew has over 250 volunteers who work in other areas, includes a variety of essential maritime roles.

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Robbed of good Health

Serafine knew she could never afford to pay for her goiter to be removed removed. Living off next to $1 a day, by farming her families’ land, left no money to afford a surgery, however, as 4 decades passed by she never lost hope that one day she would be cured.

“Prayer was my last hope; asking help from God”, said Serafine. So when one of her children heard about goiter surgeries being performed for free, she felt her prayers had been answered!

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All aboard for Education

Maybe in your house it’s a rush in the morning to get the kids ready to leave for school on time. On those school days, do you often find yourself saying “Hurry up or you’re going to be late for school”? Well the children studying on the Africa Mercy have one big advantage, and it’s that to get to school they just have to walk down the hallway from their cabin to the ships very own school.

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School on the Sea

You may not know this, but volunteering on Mercy Ships can be a family affair thanks to the Academy located on the Africa Mercy. If studying on board a ship is not unique enough in itself, taking a look into a classroom you will see an experience all of its own. Classes consist of children coming from more than 18 nations, with parents ranging from engineers and surgeons to administrators.

Finding fortune in restored health

20-year-old Rene, who worked for a family high in the mountains of Madagascar had to stop working in the fields when it became too painful. “Something was growing,” Rene recalls. “I was worried. When I was working I could feel something pushing. It felt like my eye would pop out, so I would stop working and rest. When I rested the pressure would stop. When I started again the pressure would begin again. “

Unable to continue farming, the family, Rene lived with, had him work inside. He asked for help, with his condition, but they were unable to provide … Continue reading