The facts about Benin

Benin, a West African nation on the coast of Guinea, is considered one of the most stable and safest countries in the region. It has a history of peaceful transitions between governments through democratic elections, and a progressive government striving to modernize.Facts Benin ENGFacts Benin ENG

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Preparing the way

In reality the preparations for the deployment of a Mercy Ship start years in advance. Formal agreements are signed with the government and many assessment trips are made in advance to ensure we understand the local situation and provide the most useful support for the local healthcare system.

Advance TeamAdvance Team

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“Veloma” Madagascar!

Africa Mercy sailAfrica Mercy sail

There was no shortage of tears as the Africa Mercy set sail from Madagascar. During the two consecutive visits, crew members like Meggan Major have also made sure there was no shortage of blood. Meggan was just one of the many volunteer crewmembers who donated 171 … Continue reading