Still hope for Madagascar?

If you can remember back to nearly two years ago, when Mercy Ships arrived in the port of Madagascar, what was then a dilapidated and worn down structure was converted into a functional multipurpose facility. What we refer to as the HOPE center (Hospital Out-Patient Extension center) has provided accommodations for patients and caregivers, in preparation for and recuperating from surgery, on the Africa Mercy. During the hundreds of surgeries that were performed, the HOPE center offered a safe, clean environment that promoted effective recovery while maintaining an easy access to the ship for follow-up care. Continue reading

Little Sasaline’s burns went untreated

Sasaline came to the Africa Mercy with her arm fixed at a 90 degree angle. Due to the pain she experienced after burning herself, she kept her arm locked and her skin healed in this position. Sasaline is a brave little girl, after having gone through a traumatic experience she keeps on surviving…

Turn your retirement into an adventure

Thanks to medical technology people are living longer and with great health! This means that the idea of retirement is turning into opportunity. David Conboy discovered this first hand coincidently.

David Conboy Web1David Conboy Web1

This pharmacist loved his job and had no intention to retire, but when he heard of … Continue reading

Two days walk to a doctor

Thirteen-year-old Isabelle lives in a remote village in the mountains of Madagascar, where the journey to get to the nearest medical help starts with a two day journey on foot along a muddy track. What she thought at first to just be a toothache grew very quickly into a large tumour.

Isabelle before surgeryIsabelle before surgeryContinue reading