Lantosoa – the kid magnet

When 14 year old, Lantosoa found out she could get a free surgery from Mercy Ships she was overwhelmed with excitement. The small teen had been struggling with gigantism, in her right foot, for her entire life. When she was born, this foot was slightly bigger than the other and as she grew so did her foot. At age 14, her right foot was large and uncomfortable. She dreamed of wearing shoes that would fit both her feet.

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Restoration brings a Permanent Place to Provide

Once the ship leaves Madagascar, all is not forgotten. Part of Mercy Ships’ approach to bringing hope and healing to the nations is to leave a legacy that will remain. This is done by carefully arranged projects that vary from simple one-day programs, for local health professions, to intensive hands-on training, like the sessions that Tam Lowe, leads for local nurses in the Women’s Health Team program.

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Education Improves Women’s Health

Mercy Ships is committed to improving women’s health outcomes around the globe. Recently we shared stories about Gisele and Tsima, two women that have been treated for Obstetric Fistulas by our Women’s Health team.

Mercy Ships takes the hospital to the women in need, seeks them out and provides surgeries, free of charge. Not only that, but the Women’s health team trains, renovates and develops local infrastructure to leave behind a lasting impact to help more women in these nations.

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