Healing through Music

Little Jean may just be the Beethoven of his small village located in a remote area outside of Antsirana. To cope with the loneliness he faced when other children rejected him (due to a condition that pushed his legs out in an o-shape, called bowlegs) his father bought him a small piano. Jean fell in love with music and found mental healing through creating songs.

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Saving the Planet / Happy Earth Day

This Friday (April 22nd) is Earth Day and people around the world are coming together to plant ‘Trees for the Earth’. Why Trees? Trees help combat climate change, help us breathe clean air, and help communities! At Mercy Ships we are working to make a positive impact on the environment and eliminate deforestation in Madagascar through our Food for Life (FFL) program.

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Pullmantur office staff make delicious tapas to support Mercy Ships

Walking into the offices of Pullmantur Cruises in Madrid last Friday the 15th of April, you might have been forgiven for thinking you had stepped onto the streets of Seville during the annual April fair! But it was all for a good cause as the Pullmantur office staff celebrated their first solidarity fair, selling tapas to support the charity Mercy Ships. There were no horse drawn carriages but there were a few typical Andalusian dresses and some very good authentic tapas, which may not have won any Michelin stars, but tasted really good as the one Euro for each was … Continue reading

Is some salt good for you?

In the developed world we take a lot for granted, but it’s important to remember to be grateful for the little things, down to a tiny grain of salt. Processed salt has an important added ingredient – iodine – which our thyroid glands need to function properly. In Madagascar people use a locally sourced salt; creating an iodine deficiency. When we don’t get enough of this essential element the result can cause thyroid problems.

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