Half of all surgical complications are preventable

A few years ago the World Health Organization published some statistice that stated that at least one half of all surgical complications were preventable. And that figure included both developed and developing nations.

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Malnutrition takes its toll

When she was just two years old Sambatriniaina’s legs began to bow outwards because of an inadequate diet. Her parents were very poor and did all they could to provide as much as they could for little Sambat. Eventually she could hardly walk and would never be able to go to school. With no education and a crippling disability her future looked very dim.

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Providing a free and safe surgery to repair a cleft lip in a developing nation can prove complicated. Using a fully equipped hospital ship can overcome many of the logistical obstacles and also helps local surgeons and other medical professionals get a taste of what their own hospitals could be capable of, with some improvements in training and infrastructure.

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