15 years on board

Comfort Yeboah (GHA) Dental Education/CounselorComfort Yeboah (GHA) Dental Education/Counselor

Since 1990 Comfort had been working in her home country of Ghana as a high school principal and at the same time taking care of their 5 children. She did this so her husband Ebenezer could volunteer for a few months at … Continue reading

Her only chance went up in flames

When a fire in their house destroyed the surgical appointment card that Neny believed was the last hope for her two-year-old daughter, to have the hole in her upper lip repaired, she was distraught. When Somaya was born with a cleft lip Neny’s husband abandoned them saying that no child of his would be born like that.

Somaya before cleft lip surgerySomaya before cleft lip surgeryContinue reading

A friendly blonde

Many people think that in order to volunteer on the hospital ship Africa Mercy you have to be a doctor, or a nurse, or have some other medical profession, when in fact 60% of the crew work in roles that are not directly part of the on board hospital. Tabitha from the Netherlands … Continue reading