A broken heart

A few weeks ago a medical team from our hospital ship travelled by plane to a remote village in Madagascar called Bekodoka. To get there by land is a seven day journey, but thanks to our partner organization MAF the team was able to travel in one of their planes. They flew in to collect a young lady with a “benign” facial tumour that was growing so large it was in danger of suffocating her. When the team arrived they were devastated to find that the tumour had grown much faster than expected, and had already claimed the girl’s life … Continue reading

From translation to medicine


Emmanuel always wanted to be a doctor but like many in his native Benin he had no way of getting a university education. In 2009 his mother pushed him to apply for a job translating during the visit of the hospital ship Africa Mercy. As he worked in the dental clinic during the … Continue reading

We nearly lost her

Olivienne, a young mother with 2 small children almost died because of the lack of access to an essential surgery. In fact her health deteriorated to such a state that the surgical team were not even sure they were going to be able to save her. But a series of circumstances fell into place, conspiring together, with the help of an extremely competent medical team to save her life just in the nick of time.

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The 5-year-old carer

Unido is an adorable little five-year-old boy who we think would be much more playful and mischievous (in a nice way) if it weren’t for the enormous responsibility he carries on his shoulders. His dad William has been blind now for 2 years with bilateral cataracts caused by diabetes. Whenever his father has to go anywhere or do anything, Unido has to be there to help. In a developing nation like Madagascar nothing is adapted for the blind and there are dangers all around.

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