Leah the lab rat

Lab technician Leah Weiler had been looking for years for a way to do some kind of humanitarian work in her holidays, but most short term opportunities have no places for a medical laboratory technician. Fortunately she then stumbled across Mercy Ships and when she found out that the hospital ship Africa Mercy has a state of the art medical lab operating in the heart of Africa she was hooked.LabLabContinue reading

Righting the wrong

A routine surgical intervention is all that stands between little Cecelia and her dream of one day being able to ride a bicycle. This 10-year-old girl from Madagascar cannot move too quickly, cannot lift anything, and must limit her intake of liquids to avoid severe pain caused by an inguinal hernia that presses on her bladder.

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1 surgeon for 1 million

Dr Randrianirina Andrimpitria (Dr Andry for short) is the lone orthopaedic surgeon in Tamatave, Madagascar! The city has a population of around a quarter of a million and it is the capital of a province with over one million inhabitants. The whole country only has 8 orthopaedic surgeons for 22 million people.


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