A desperate mother

Little five-year-old Tahiry from Madagascar cannot walk more than a few steps without falling over. His legs are bowed and his right foot is twisted inwards and he has no way to get to school. Clubfoot (talipes equinovarus) is a common birth deformity that affects around 200,000 babies worldwide each year, and 80% of those children are born in countries where for most people the surgery is either not available, or the family has no way to raise the money to pay for it. Tahiry’s mother was desperate to find a way to help him and when her sister told … Continue reading

Why surgery?

Improving access to life saving surgeries in Africa is no easy task but according to a study recently published by the medical journal the Lancet, 16.9 million lives (32.9% of all deaths worldwide) could be saved if basic surgical care was available worldwide and Africa is the region most affected by the lack of resources. That’s four times as many lives compared with those lost to Aids, Malaria & Tuberculosis combined!

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Santa goes to school

In Abril we told the story of little 3-year-old Santa who was terribly burnt in a domestic accident in her native Madagascar, when she fell on an open fire where her mother was cooking a meal. She was left badly disfigured and the faced the prospect of being an outcast in Malagasy society. Now Santa is like different child and has been able to realise her single biggest wish of being able to attend school. Look at how her eyes light up as she gets ready to leave each morning for school. If you don’t remember her story then: Continue reading

The super anaesthetist

The work of an anaesthesiologist can be stressful and plain out tiring, especially when you volunteer on a hospital ship that often carries out surgeries that last for hours on end, during which you must ensure the patient stays peacefully asleep whilst maintaining stable vital signs. Well for our super anaesthetist Michelle that’s not enough, she is also deputy chief medical officer, medical training director and researcher extraordinaire!