The G4 Alliance and essential surgery

The G4 Alliance is not like the alliances of powerful nations like the G8 or the G20 that join together to discuss how to further their common interests. Instead the G4 currently has 50 members, including Mercy Ships, and is steadily growing. Its members have joined forces not to seek the furthering of their own interests but rather to work towards improving healthcare around the world in 4 specific areas:

1) Surgery, 2) Obstetrics, 3) Orthopaedics, 4) Anaesthesia

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The magic card

You might ask why these magic little yellow and white cards transform the sad faces of our patients into a smile from ear to ear. It’s because for our patients they represent new hope for their future, a new start in life. An appointment card for a free surgery on board the hospital ship Africa Mercy means a chance to have a normal life for suffering men, women and especially children in Africa.

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Miracle baby’s mum also healed

After 3 days of obstructed labour they expected that her baby was dead. Seeing how much pain she was in her husband, bother and mother-in-law set off with her at dawn on the 4th day to make the 12 hour journey by canoe and minibus to the nearest hospital. After 10 hours of travel in excruciating pain Fanjakely finally passed out and slept for the remaining 2 hours.

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The Shaquille O’Neal of agriculture

Josh playing at CornellJosh playing at Cornell

Josh Figini played basketball for Cornell University one of the United States Ivy League universities. At 6ft 9in or 205cm Josh is not as tall as Shaquille O’Neal (7ft 1in) but he is taller than other famous basketball players like Michael Jordan (6ft 5in), or LeBron James (6ft … Continue reading