110 Plastic Surgeries

Six year old Marie Sylvie was very shy and introverted when she arrived at the Africa Mercy to be admitted to the ships hospital for surgery. When she was only two, a pot of boiling water fell on her badly burning all down the left side of her body. She was one of the lucky ones and despite having no access to suitable medical treatment, she did not succumb to serious infection which is very common in untreated burns.

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A Norwegian Optician in Africa


Now for the third time Therese Lovund from Alesund in Norway has travelled almost 10,000km to Africa searching for blind people that can be cured. In her native Norway she works as an optician, but in Africa one of the jobs she does is to screen thousands of patients to find the blind … Continue reading

303 were blind but now see


William from Madagascar, like the vast majority of blind people in developing nations was very frustrated with life. He felt useless and a burden to his family who struggled daily to just survive in this island country in South Eastern Africa. He even had to rely on his 5 year old son to … Continue reading

From Menorca to Madagascar


Dr. Ignasi Ponsetí i Vives was born in Ciutadella de Menorca on the 3rd of June 1914. He grew up in Barcelona and as the son of a poor family was only able to study medicine at the University of Barcelona thanks to a scholarship. Just 2 days after graduating from medical school the Spanish Civil War … Continue reading

Couples changing the world together

Frank y Cathleen met years ago at work in the United States. They fell in love and were married. These days they don’t work at the same place and they find their jobs exhausting both physically and emotionally. But once a year they leave that all behind and travel thousands of miles to work together once again for a few weeks and recharge their batteries whilst they help transform the lives of very needy patients.

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