104 smiles repaired

According to World Health Organization one out of every 700 babies are born with a cleft lip and/or palate. In developed nations most babies receive surgery before they reach one year of age, but not in developing nations where most people either can’t find anyone who can perform the surgery, or they cannot afford to pay what the surgery would cost.

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A little child in danger

I can’t imagine how helpless a mother of 3 small children in a developing nation must feel when just putting food on the table is a struggle and has no hope of ever getting enough money to pay for a simple hernia surgery that her 8 year old boy desperately needs.

The mother of little Cardo from Toliara in Madagascar found herself in this situation. Her little boy lived like a recluse, unable to go to school and unable to go out and play with his friends, because of the constant pain every time he made a sudden move. But … Continue reading

Hope for starving children

In many parts of Africa parents have a daily struggle to put enough food on the table to stop their children from starving to death. There is nothing left for medicines or for the children’s school fees so talking to them about the need for a balanced diet is useless!

The deforestation that is continuing at an alarming rate because of the traditional farming methods is leaving more and more land desolate and uninhabitable increasing the size, frequency and intensity of humanitarian crises. But just imagine if there was a way we could feed the people and protect the environment … Continue reading