Is there no hope?

At the Mercy Ships Hope Centre in Tamatave, Madagascar just a few days ago there was a party. It was a goodbye party so it was a happy event; especially for those who could celebrate how their free surgery on board the Africa Mercy restored their health, but at the same time a Little bit sad as many said goodbye to new friends they would probably never see again.

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Flying doctors saving lives

Two year old Fitia received serious burns in what is an all too common accident in developing nations. Most houses don’t have electricity or gas or running water and the way most families cook is on open fires outside the houses. Most of these families are struggling to feed their children and while the mothers prepare the food they do their best to keep an eye on their kids, but unfortunately it only takes a moment.

Maybe a mother goes into the house for just a minute to quickly get something she has forgotten, and then just right at that … Continue reading