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Mercy Ships is a non-profit working to make safe affordable surgery available in developing nations, where the lack of access causes one third of all preventable deaths.

Latest News

  • Benessa, Finding Joy

    When Benessa was born, her mother had a simple wish for her daughter’s life. “I want her to be like a diamond — to shine bright,” she said. Unfortunately for most of Benessa’s life, the light inside her was overshadowed by the neurofibroma growing on her face. When she was …Read More »
  • Current situation of “Mercy Ship” during global COVID-19.

    Dear collaborator, The hospital ship, the Africa Mercy has recently arrived at the port of Granadilla, Spain after having served eight months in the port of Dakar, Senegal. While docked in Granadilla, pre-planned annual maintenance will be performed on the ship. Since 2009, this maintenance has been regularly performed and …Read More »

    The evolving situation of COVID-19, highlighted by the WHO as a pandemic and the increasing travel restrictions applied by several countries, have made it impossible for Mercy Ships to continue to carry out its programs to the required standards, while protecting against the possible spread of the virus. Therefore, in …Read More »
  • Mafoudiya’s smile never shined brighter.

    Country: Guinea, Age: 2 Because of her cleft lip, some children in her village would ridicule Mafoudiya— even calling her cursed. Her poor mother worried the deformity would affect her daughter’s entire future. She could only hope and pray for a miracle. Smile, confidence restored Mafoudiya’s mother heard about Mercy …Read More »
  • N’nady’s entire life and future

    Country: Guinea, Age: 14 years Meet N’nady Every step was excruciating. The aches in her joints were unbearable. But the teasing hurt even more. Fourteen-year-old N’nady’s entire life and future were framed by two severely bowed legs. A family’s fight of faith When N’nady was 8, her older brother—who also …Read More »

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