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Mercy Ships is a non-profit working to make safe affordable surgery available in developing nations, where the lack of access causes one third of all preventable deaths.


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  • Alleviating a young mothers suffering

    Hello, my name is Mariamou, I am from Cameroon, and I am now 27 years old. When I was 20 my baby died in childbirth, because I had no doctor or midwife to help. After being in labour for several days I was also left incontinent. Three months later my …Read More »
  • Broken technology = Broken lives

    The Biomedical Training program that Mercy Ships runs during each visit to a developing nation is an essential part of helping local hospitals to provide their patients with efficient treatment and ultimately save lives. Many of these hospitals have equipment that is broken, or in dire need of servicing, and …Read More »
  • What’s happening with Paul?

    A couple of weeks ago Francoise told us how her 3-month-old baby Paul almost died of starvation because of his cleft lip and palate (click here to read that story). Now he is doing much better but he still needs one more surgery to close his cleft palate and allow …Read More »
  • Can you save my baby?

    My baby Paul was born with a piece missing from his top lip. Later they told me he had a cleft lip and palate. He could not suck and most of the food and drink I put in his mouth just ran out again. For three months, I struggled to …Read More »
  • My name is Tresor

    Hi! I’m Tresor from Cameroon and I’m 10. Most people say I am quite a happy fun loving boy but there is one thing that really gets me down. When I was three, I fell into the fire and burnt my left arm really badly. My mum took me to …Read More »

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