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Mercy Ships is a non-profit working to make safe affordable surgery available in developing nations, where the lack of access causes one third of all preventable deaths.

Latest News

  • Young life saved.

    Share Sekouba’s story, meet Sekouba Country: Guinea. Age: 12 years It was an ordinary morning when then 10-year-old Sekouba first noticed a tiny bump in his mouth. He showed it to his mother, M’mahawa, who thought it would simply go away on its own. But it didn’t. What began as …Read More »
  • Share Gamai’s story / Meet gamai

    Country: Guinea. / Age: 4 years Gamai was just a toddler when she pulled a pot of boiling water over and badly burned her arms. Her parents rushed her to the hospital but were only given ointment for treatment. Because she didn’t get proper care for her burns, Gamai’s arms …Read More »
  • Haingo’s story

    Meet Haingo, from Madagascar Haingo’s cleft lip was obvious, but it was a tiny, unseen hole in the roof of her mouth that was preventing the 7-month-old girl from breastfeeding. And threatening her life. Her mother, Viviaby, did everything she could to try and feed her baby, but she knew Haingo …Read More »
  • M-S 100,000th free surgical procedure

    7-month-old patient receives cleft lip surgery onboard world’s largest nonprofit hospital ship CONAKRY, Guinea (21 May 2019) — A baby born with a debilitating cleft lip in Guinea has received free surgery from international Mercy Ships volunteers, marking the nonprofit’s 100,000th surgical procedure onboard its charity hospital ships. Aissata (EYE-sat-ah), …Read More »
  • Esther’s story

    Meet Esther, from Cameroon Esther was a beautiful, healthy baby, who delighted everyone. But she was born into poverty. Because of this, she didn’t get enough of the right nutrients during the first 18 months of her life. So, she developed rickets, a vitamin deficiency that caused her legs to soften …Read More »

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