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The M/V Africa Mercy with 5 operating theatres, 82 hospital beds, x-ray, laboratory and CAT scan, is the world’s largest teaching hospital ship.

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Little Jaka fell into a cooking fire and miraculously survived, but her parents could not pay for the medical treatment, to prevent her arm sticking to her body.

Badly burned,
Jaka needed help!

Mercy Ships is a non-profit working to make safe affordable surgery available in developing nations, where the lack of access causes one third of all preventable deaths.

Latest News

  • GAMAI: Before she was so weak… today she is so active!!

    Life Behind Closed Doors Confort never imagined the morning she put on a pot of boiling water to make some rice for her hungry daughters would be the start of a mother’s nightmare. One-year-old Gamai, who had just started walking, toddled past the pot knocking it over as she fell. …Read More »
  • The Global Mercy

    World’s largest civilian hospital ship, the Global Mercy®, has arrived at Antwerp The Global Mercy, the new-built ship of Mercy Ships, completed its journey through the Suez Canal free of charge and has docked in the Port of Antwerp on September 12. The Global Mercy®, the newest hospital ship of …Read More »
  • Mansare´s New Confidence

    Young Mansare lives in a neighborhood tucked away in the port city of Conakry, Guinea, where he loves to play with his hoard of older brothers. But despite his fun-loving and active personality, four-year-old Mansare’s childhood has always been a little different than everyone else’s, due to his bowed legs. …Read More »
  • Sekouba: A Smile that Shines

    On the day he came to Mercy Ships, 12-year-old Sekouba held a weathered picture in his hands. The photograph, with frayed edges and faded color, was of a young boy with an unblemished face smiling brightly at the camera. “This used to be me,” Sekouba said. Only two years had …Read More »
  • Healing for Houleye

    Khadiatou watches her 5-year-old niece having fun with her friends. The little girl beams as she chases the other kids around, and although she is out of breath, she doesn’t stop. She doesn’t have a care in the world. It hasn’t always been this way. Khadiatou remembers a time not …Read More »

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