Young life saved.

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Country: Guinea. Age: 12 years

It was an ordinary morning when then 10-year-old Sekouba first noticed a tiny bump in his mouth. He showed it to his mother, M’mahawa, who thought it would simply go away on its own. But it didn’t. What began as a button-sized growth inside Sekouba’s mouth, grew as big as a tennis ball. It was a dangerous tumor. Breathing soon became difficult, threatening his life.

Physical and emotional suffering

“What’s that in your mouth?” asked friends and classmates. Eventually, curiosity turned into laughter and ridicule. Sekouba loved school, but he dropped out. The shame was too much. Even his brothers were embarrassed to be seen with him. No one saw Sekouba for himself anymore. All they saw was the growing tumor that had filled his cheek. Sekouba’s family couldn’t afford the surgical costs needed at a regional hospital. So a neighbor told them about Mercy Ships.

Young life saved. Family prayer answered.

After being admitted onboard the Africa Mercy, Sekouba received surgery to remove the maxillary mass, followed by several weeks of appointments to closely follow his recovery process. Surgery was a success. The first thing Sekouba said he wanted to do after returning home was to get back in the classroom to continue his studies. Then he shared that even his eye on a girl who he never stops talking about. “Now, I’m going to be able to marry her one day,” he beamed. Meanwhile, a relieved M’mahawa can’t thank supporters like you enough for helping to save her son’s life. “Every time I pray, I thank God for this ship,” she said. “I don’t know what we would have done without it.”

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