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The photographs by Belgium photographer Stephan Vanfleteren showing Mercy Ships patients in Conakry, Guinea that won first prize in the portrait section of the World Press Photo awards will be on display in 3 Spanish cities along with other World Press award winning photos.

Vanfleteren spend several days in October 2012 photographing Mercy Ships patients who had been selected for surgery. But the most spectacular part was still to come…

In Abril 2013, right before he attended the award ceremony to receive his prize, he returned to the Africa Mercy in Guinea, this time to take new photographs of the same patients after they had had their surgery. These new images combined with his previous ones show the transformation of each patient through their surgery.

Vanfleteren stated “The recognition is great, of course, but the best thing is to take a photo and then see the result at home.  I have seen how the people of Mercy Ships do such brilliant and very important volunteer work. They just do their job without imposing themselves. I am always touched when people do something like Mercy Ships. Everyone can do something beautiful. One helps by performing eye operations, the other by removing tumours, and a photographer like me can hopefully make photos so other people can see what happens.  Nice, honest portraits. This award is great news for me and also for Mercy Ships,” stated Vanfleteren.

The world renowned photographer even donated his World Press Photos prize money to Mercy Ships to help more patients just like the ones he has photographed.

The details of the world press photo exhibitions are: