What’s happening with Paul?

A couple of weeks ago Francoise told us how her 3-month-old baby Paul almost died of starvation because of his cleft lip and palate (click here to read that story). Now he is doing much better but he still needs one more surgery to close his cleft palate and allow him to talk and eat normally.

The problem is that while the doctors were examining him in preparation for his last surgery, they found an infected abscess on his torso and that needed removing. Even though this required just a minor surgical intervention, it had to heal completely before they could perform the surgery to close his palate.

For a week the staff cared for him and waited anxiously to see how fast Paul could recover from the abscess surgery. Once he recovered from that surgery, would there still be enough time for him to have the cleft palate surgery, and then recover in the on board hospital before the ship left?

By the day eight Paul was in great shape and the surgeons agreed to go ahead and perform the cleft palate surgery. Phew, what a relief for his mom Francoise! Her son would now be able to talk and eat normally! The fact that Paul is alive is already a miracle. Now he is just like any other bouncing healthy one-year-old. I can only imagine how overjoyed his mum must be. Can you?