Mercy Ships humanitarian work – 3 min

The world’s largest civilian hospital ship with 5 operating theatres, an 82 bed hospital, X-ray, CAT-scan, medical laboratory, remote diagnostic equipment and a volunteer crew of over 400, transports a modern teaching hospital to developing nations to provide free surgeries and programs designed to improve local healthcare by providing medical training and hospital infrastructure development.

Jocelin and his big smile – 1,5 min

The first thing I noticed about him was his grin. He had this huge smile across his face. And then the second thing I noticed was his tumor, very large tumor under his chin.

The touching story of Gisele cured of an Obstetric Fistula – 4 min

The moving story of Gisele a fistula patient on the Africa Mercy. Abandoned by her husband she had all but lost hope after 20 years of suffering, when finally she received a free surgery that restored her dignity and health.

Sambany’s homecoming – 2 min

Witness Sambany’s incredible journey home to the family who thought he was dead.