Josephine’s miraculous rescue

Josephine’s parents were scared. Their two-year-old had inhaled something that seriously affected her breathing. David and Judith could hear the rattle with every struggling breath. They rushed Josephine to a local clinic which sent them to an emergency hospital… which sent them to a government hospital… which sent them to a satellite clinic… which sent them back to the government hospital.

Mohamed and his not so harmless lump

Local doctors told Mohamed’s father Daouda that the lump on his sons forehead was nothing to worry about, but as Daouda was concerned about the way people were starting to ostracise Mohamed they removed it. It’s a miracle that he survived his first surgery in which it would appear the local surgeon actually removed part of Mohamed’s brain by mistake!

Maomai: Saved from Suffocation

It was the middle of the night, and Perlagie couldn’t sleep. The image of Maomai, her three-month-old baby girl, flashed through her mind every time she closed her eyes. A huge tumour the size of the baby’s head jutted out of Maomai’s neck. Perlagie cried as she gazed at her daughter peacefully sleeping in her bed.

Sibi Julie Comes Out of the Shadows

In a way, life for Sibi Julie began in darkness. She was born at a normal weight, but a bilateral cleft lip made it difficult for her to stay nourished. Shortly after being born, she quickly began losing weight. Simply getting through each day proved to be a challenge for Sibi and her mother.

Abla’s Golden Ticket

Abla, a woman living in Togo, West Africa, has been pregnant seven times. Seven stillborn babies. Seven crushing disappointments.

After the seventh time, Abla began leaking urine. Her clothes carried a pungent odor, and she became one of the outcasts. She suffered from a condition called vesicovaginal fistula, or VVF.

Cross-eyes Now Straight

Baby Claudine’s mom waited for her newborn to open her eyes. But nothing happened and the doctors could offer no reason why the baby girl’s eyelids remained closed. Mother Akouvi, thinking perhaps her wee one needed more time, went home from the hospital and waited. Finally, her lids lifted and Claudine took her first look at the world. Unfortunately, her eyes crossed.

Four siblings and cousin see for the first time!

As Dr. Strauss and Dr. Wodome examined each child, they reached a bench with five children sitting closely together.  The four siblings and one cousin ranged in age from 6 – 15.  None could see. An uncle stood protectively behind them.

A free surgery revolutionizes the life of a young woman

“Sometimes, I would just sit down and cry,” said Sally with great emotion. For 17 years, people laughed at her and mocked her because of her legs – horribly misshapen and knock-kneed. The constant verbal abuse made her feel ashamed. Walking was difficult and tiring, so she didn’t go to school. She just stayed at home in her misery.