Health System Development

Build local infrastructure

Combined with providing medical care for the people who need it right now, Mercy Ships works with the National Health Ministries in the countries we visit, to improve the quality of their own healthcare systems.

Training for local medical staff and technicians is provided and infrastructure building projects are carried out to provide the facilities needed to deliver these services.

Renovations at Ignace Deen Hospital

Through a collaboration with the organization eMi (Engineering Ministries International), and Mercy Ships, the Ignace Deen Hospital received a long-awaited renovation. Mercy Ships is also providing medical training for local hospital staff, strengthening the ability of Ignace Deen to provide medical services to its population.

Trained to train others

“Doing ten [cataract surgeries] a day, I thought I was the best eye surgeon in the world,” said Dr. Ayo Bello. But then he met Dr. Stan Pletcher at the American Academy of Ophthalmology in Georgia, who told him he knew someone who could do 50 cataract surgeries a day. “No way! It’s just not possible,” said Dr. Bello. Dr. Pletcher assured him it was true and agreed to direct him to Dr. Glenn Strauss. “And he did!” said Dr. Bello.

Leaving a Deposit of Skill in Port

Dr. John Mattia, an ophthalmologist from Lunsar Baptist Eye Hospital in Lunsar, Sierra Leone, is learning a lot onboard the Africa Mercy. The opportunity, offered under the Alcon Fellowship, is being administered by Dr. Abram Wodome from Togo who previously trained under Dr. Glenn Strauss, initiator of the programme onboard.