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Country: Guinea. / Age: 4 years

Gamai was just a toddler when she pulled a pot of boiling water over and badly burned her arms. Her parents rushed her to the hospital but were only given ointment for treatment. Because she didn’t get proper care for her burns, Gamai’s arms healed in a constricted position—leaving her unable to straighten either arm. Over the next four years, Gamai grew more aware that she was not like other children. She wanted to play, to go to school, and even help her mother around the house—but the scars from her burns left her unable to straighten her severely deformed arms. And the stinging insults of people on the street made her hide at home. Each year, Gamai grew more isolated.

Gamai’s dreams come true, When Gamai’s mother learned that Mercy Ships provided free surgery for people who suffered burns, it was an answer to the family’s prayers. Onboard the Africa Mercy, Gamai and her mother met other burn survivors. They were relieved to find this place of acceptance and mercy.

On the day of her surgery, Gamai’s mother was nervous. She knew her daughter faced a painful and complicated procedure. When Gamai returned from surgery, she was in pain—but her arms were straight for the first time in years. After several weeks of therapy to restore Gamai’s mobility she can now freely lift and straighten her arms. She can play, go to school, help her mother with chores, and have the normal life of any other little girl. “I’ve been waiting for four years,” says Gamai’s mother of the surgery her daughter received. “All I can say is thank you.”

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