Ronaldo is all smiles

When the pain from serious decay in and around Ronaldo’s two front teeth became too much to bare, he became worried that he may lose his teeth forever. Luckily Ronaldo followed his sister’s example and visited the Mercy Ships dental clinic. His sister said, ‘Go there if you want to fix your teeth.’ So I came to see what they can do. I thought my front teeth would fall out because I don’t have money to spend at a dentist.”

17-year-old Ronaldo is a student, but at school he was not taught dental hygiene. For this reason, when his teeth began to decay he had no idea what the cause was or how to care for the problem. “I don’t really know why my teeth are in bad shape, but one of my friends said it’s because I’m drinking really hot water and after that, really cold water. I often do that.” Patients not only receive dental care at the clinic, but they are also taught what they need to do to care for their teeth.

Dental Clinic

When the time came to see a dentist he was greeted by Saoul Gamarra Gonzales (Peru). Dr. Gamarra explains the seriousness of Ronaldo’s condition to him. Decay has eaten away at his front teeth’s enamel and caused a major infection to spread from the damaged nerve. A fistula or split resulted in his gum above the affected tooth. It requires immediate intervention. After considering Ronaldo’s age, the dentist decides to perform a root canal to save his front teeth from extraction. He also filled the other cavities.

Ronaldo after dental treatment

In addition to the surgery Ronaldo receives antibiotics to control the severe infection in his mouth. With the procedure, antibiotics and new found knowledge of dental health Ronaldo can go on to graduate high school and pursue his dream of becoming a Customs and Immigration officer. Ronaldo is very thankful for this and hopes that what he has learnt about caring for his teeth will allow him to maintain good dental health for the rest of his life. “I’m not going to lose my teeth when I’m older! Thanks for helping us in need!”