Orthopaedic Surgery

Lack of mobility in a developing nation can be more than disabling. For those with birth defects or disfigurement through untreated injury, Mercy Ships orthopaedic teams make a lasting difference by helping one hurting person at a time. In many African cultures, this kind of physical abnormality can be viewed as a curse and make a child or an adult an outcast.


Neglected Trauma

Many people in developing nations who suffer traumatic injuries like broken bones don’t receive proper medical care producing deformations and loss of mobility. Our orthopaedic team works to correct those deformities and restore as much mobility as possible to the patient.


Ponseti casting

Orthopaedic surgery requires general anasteatic and an extended, painful post-operative period of hospitalization. Ponseti casting can be used as an alternative or compliment to traditional surgical methods requiring less or sometimes eliminating the need for surgery.