Women are often the neglected ones in developing nations. They can be ostracised by the community who don’t understand many of the obstetric medical problems that occur.


Obstetric fistulae

VVF is a condition mostly caused by prolonged labour. Women in developing nations can be 2, 3, or 4 days in labour and the constant pressure of the baby’s body cuts off the blood supply to the pelvic region, damaging nerves and tissue and creating a hole which allow urine and sometimes even faeces to escape. As if the loss of the baby is not enough the mother is also left incontinent. Not having access to women’s sanitary products the urine leaks out onto their clothes producing a terrible stench which cause people to shun them wherever they go. The VVF surgery repairs these fistulas allowing the women to return to a normal life.

Uterine Prolapse

The exact causes are still unknown but basically women of any age may suffer from this condition which results in the uterus coming loose and floating around within the woman’s body producing a dangerous condition. Surgery is almost always required to correct this condition.

Improving Women’s Health in Africa

Apart from VVF there are many other obstetric conditions that women face in developing nations like uterine prolapse. This project works in 3 main areas:

1) To provide surgeries for patients suffering with uterine prolapse or other gynaecological conditions.

2) Provide counselling for patients and their families with potential emotional and mental scarring as a result of their condition, as needed.

3) Work with local partners to conduct campaigns to provide general information about prolapse and the surgical options available.