Meet Elina, from Madagascar.

Our volunteer nurse, Ria, found Elina, a six-year-old little girl, hidden in between the bushes near our hospital ship and could hardly believe what she was seeing. While she was gently trying to get this little girl to come out, she saw the infected wounds she had and got to know her heartbreaking story.

A long journey to recovery:

For Elina to properly recover, her wounds had to be cleaned and she would need numerous surgeries, including skin grafts, physical therapy and a long rehabilitation. All these factors made it so that her case was something Mercy Ships usually is not able t compromise with due to time restrictions.

Ria was delighted when she found out that Elina’s case had been approved and she could tell Elina and her mother. This was the beginning of Elina’s long journey to recovery

Elina had to make periodic visits to the walk-in clinic in the ship to receive appropriate care for her wounds before surgery. After a couple of months, she had recovered enough to be admitted in the ship’s hospital. After a series of complex surgeries, the volunteer surgeons were able to successfully get rid of her contractures and were able to make the skin grafts, giving her now a better chance to move her arm, neck and head with normality.

From terrible scars, a brave soul rises up

The recovery process took months, but this time was special for everyone involved. While Elina worked hard to heal and better her flexibility, she easily won over the hearts of the Mercy Ships crew. This six-year-old brave little girl would leave a forever lasting impression…“It was beautiful to see how we all worked together from different areas to take care of her”, said Ria.

The scars in Elina will remain, but fortunately it will hopefully make her remember all these people that ended up loving her so much, you included, with the economic support of your donations.

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