Mafoudiya’s smile never shined brighter.

Country: Guinea, Age: 2

Because of her cleft lip, some children in her village would ridicule Mafoudiya— even calling her cursed. Her poor mother worried the deformity would affect her daughter’s entire future. She could only hope and pray for a miracle.

Smile, confidence restored

Mafoudiya’s mother heard about Mercy Ships and learned that the Africa Mercy was sailing into the capital of Guinea. She knew this was the answer to her prayers—her one chance to find hope and healing for her daughter.

So mother and daughter journeyed to meet Mercy Ships medical professionals. Mafoudiya was screened and approved for surgery. And hope was possible again. After surgery repaired her cleft lip, Mafoudiya’s smile never shined brighter. “I waited for this for so long,” her mother said. “I am so grateful. So happy.”

Because a friend like you decided to come by her side.



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