La nave della speranza

A unique hospital ship offering life saving surgery sets sail for the poorest of the poor in Africa. They have just one year to do the impossible – to provide the care these people cannot get any other way. On board are volunteer doctors and nurses – now headed straight for the biggest medical and ethical challenges of their lives. Ahead lies unbelievable illnesses, many they have never seen outside of textbooks. A dramatic journey is underway as they deal with life and death cases and balance the fates of patients in their hands.

Nat Geo People TV – 2017


Surgery Ship 1 – Italy, Sunday March 26, at 22:00

Surgery Ship 2 – Italy, Sunday April 2, at 22:00

Surgery Ship 3 – Italy, Sunday April 9, at 22:00

Surgery Ship 4 – Italy, Sunday April 15, at 22:00

Surgery Ship 5 – Italy, Sunday April 23, at 22:00

Surgery Ship 6 – Italy, Sunday April 30, at 22:00

Surgery Ship 7 – Italy, Sunday May 7, at 22:00

Surgery Ship 8 – Italy, Sunday May 15, at 22:00

The ship sets sail for Benin, West Africa with our key characters on board. The drama of the screening day where thousands of patients turn up in the hope of being chosen for the free medical care. Some of the volunteers are overwhelmed with the need and heartbreaking reality that they can’t help everyone. An extremely sick patient is immediately scheduled for surgery with a life threatening tumour.

Nat Geo People

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