Even a small donation can impact the life of a desperately needy people in a developing nation. We aim to be the face of compassion in action bringing hope and healing to some of the worlds’ neediest citizens. This requires sacrifice from all of us including our volunteers, our sponsors, and you. In the light of the desperate need there is we must try and do more! Will you form part of our team and help us alleviate some of the suffering in needy countries.


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Mercy ships depends on your donations to continue to provide for the immediate healthcare needs of many men, women and children whilst at the same time working to improve each developing nations’ own healthcare system so that in the future they can meet many of their own peoples needs.


There are many ways YOU can help!

Legacies – It’s something none of us like to talk about but what if something did happen to you tomorrow? Have you left a Testament that will ensure that your loved ones needs are covered and that the rest of your estate can be used to do some good in this world?
Corporate and workplace giving – They are quite a number of companies both small and large that sponsor Mercy Ships in some way but we need many more. These companies donate their own services and products, encourage their employees to give to Mercy Ships, and in many cases even double any donations made by their employees.
Support a crew member – Our volunteer crew members have to find their own funds to pay for their food, accommodation and airfares. If you would like to help a crew member cover their costs please contact our office.
The way to make your donation go further is to give a monthly amount. Giving monthly may require a small sacrifice on your part but when you give 12 times a year that gift grows into something that can really make an impact and change the life of many more needy people.

The best way to give is via a monthly direct debit which can be deducted from any bank account in the European Union. If you would like to give this way please contact our office and we will send you an authorization form.


Spanish bank for donations: CAIXABANK (La Caixa)

IBAN: ES09 2100 3109 6622 0023 4545



Thank you for transforming lives through your support of Mercy Ships!