How To Help

There are many ways that you can participate in taking hope and healing to desperately needy people.


Volunteering opportunities are not just available on our ships! There are also opportunities to volunteer in one of our offices or right from your own home or neighbourhood.
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Personal Giving

Any amount you can give will help and if you can get others to give as well then together we can really make a difference.
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You might also want to consider leaving a donation to Mercy Ships in you will.

Corporate Giving

If you have contacts at companies that might be able to help or if you’d like to help find donations of the good and services needed for our projects that can also be a great help.

Raise Awareness

Life for a healthy person with no disabilities is difficult in a developing nation. For someone with an illness or a disability is impossibly and many times the help they need is just not available. Even where help is available it often costs much more than they could even afford. We need your help to tell others about the great need and show them how together we can do something to make a difference in a world of need!