Mercy Ships depends on your collaboration to improve the quality of life of a multitude of men, women and children in need.

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Any donation can impact the lives of people in need in developing countries. Our goal is to be the face of love in action, bringing hope and healing to these people in need. This vision requires sacrifice on the part of volunteers and collaborators. In light of the world’s desperate need, could we aspire to less? Could you be a part of meeting the urgent needs of our world?

You will be able to deduct 80% of the IRPF for the first 150 € donated.
You will be able to deduct 35% of the IRPF from 150 € donated.
You will be able to deduct 40% of your income tax if you have been donating the same amount as the previous year or more for more than three years.
Leave in blank if not known.
Minimum card donation is 5 €.
Donation frequency.
ID card no. DNI/NIE/CIF or passport no.
The personal data provided in this form will be used by the foundation and it’s providers to process your request, to keep you updated on our work, to suggest ways to volunteer and give, and to provide information about people in need.

Support a Volunteer

Our crew members are volunteers who sacrifice from a few weeks to a lifetime to help people in need in developing countries. They receive no salary and depend on the generosity of others to cover their expenses. If you are interested in financially supporting a volunteer crew member or an entire family, please contact us.

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