Broken technology = Broken lives

The Biomedical Training program that Mercy Ships runs during each visit to a developing nation is an essential part of helping local hospitals to provide their patients with efficient treatment and ultimately save lives. Many of these hospitals have equipment that is broken, or in dire need of servicing, and so by training local technicians to do this work they provide a longer-term solution to the problem.

Wanting to take it even one-step further in Cameroon, Mercy Ships teamed up with another NGO, Medical Aid International, to train the local biomedical technicians from four local hospitals, not only to repair and service their own equipment, but also training them to teach other technicians how to do it! These technicians can now travel out to hospitals and clinics in more remote areas of Cameroon, and train the local technicians there to repair their own equipment.

Through the joint program a lot of new equipment has also being provided, and a completely rebuild biomedical workshop has been provided in Douala to handle some of the more sophisticated repairs and servicing, for medical equipment from all over the country. Medical Aid International is also providing all the course participants with two years’ worth of remote assistance. This means that the biomedical technicians can get advice on how to solve any new problems they come across, that they cannot work out how to fix on their own!