1994 - 2006

The Caribbean Mercy

Sailed for 42 years as Polarlys in Norwegian waters. But after joining the fleet of Naves de Esperanza, she spent 12 very active years in Central America and the Caribbean basin, docking in more than 13 countries.

While staying in port, the Caribbean Mercy hosted an average crew of 120 volunteers from more than 20 countries. It had an eye surgery unit, cargo capacity and conference and seminar facilities used for various programmes. Its fuel and water tanks gave it a range of 12 days or 5,700 kilometers. In 2006 it was sold to a family foundation for renovation.


Años en Servicio
1994 - 2006
Registrado en
Motor Principal
(1) MAK Diesel (3.670 CV)
Capacidad de Combustible
154 m³
Velocidad de Crucero
14 nudos
79,8 m
12,2 m
Tonelaje Bruto
Construido en
Aalborg, Dinamarca, 1952
Cámaras de Operaciones
Motor Auxiliar
(2) Caterpillar, 320kw/motor
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